Scientifically Tested Battle Sports Equipment

Contact sports are most certainly more enjoyable when you know you are wearing protective gear that will help you prevent the risk of injury.

Many countries these days implement rules and regulations that require people playing certain contact sports must wear protective equipment. Add the fact that now the sports are televised more than ever not just on cable or Sky, but also on the internet, more people are now seeing pros wearing protective equipment during games and/or in training sessions.

This is because scientists are coming out with overwhelming evidence that some contact sports can cause long-term damage to those taking part if they do not wear protective gear.

Battle Sports Science is one company that is an avid supporter of contact sports like football, rugby,and hockey. Its main contribution to the sports scene is its fine collection of protective equipment that has been scientifically tested to withstand the hostile environment of some of Britain’s most played contact sports.

Why Wear Protective Equipment?

Any sportsman wants to stay trained and fit for as long as possible should consider wearing protective equipment.On top of this, some leagues will not players participate without certain protective clothing.

Plus, there is the fact that without protection players increase the risk of injury, which not only putsthem out action, but it also slows their progress in developing as a player as well as opens up their place in the team for someone to muscle their way into that position. As in Denzel Washington’s character says in the film Man on Fire – “There is trained and there is untrained”.

Protective equipment will not only help to with continuity of training and being able to play regularly, but it also helps sports players evolve into a solid tactical player by making consistent appearances in matches as well as training.

What Equipment Is Needed for Contact Sports?

Arguably the most important piece of gear required is a mouth guard. Teeth are not cheap to replace if one is knocked out. Dental implants in the UK are not covered by NHS dental care in 99.9% of cases making the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth an expensive proposition and makes a good argument to consider investing in a mouth guard.

Ankle Braces for games like football are also becoming very popular. As there are a lot of sliding tackles, ankle injuries are common. They can also put a footballer out of action for quite a while as this type of injury tends to take a while to heal.

Being that most of England’s contact sports are played predominantly during the winter, gloves are also an important addition to a sportsman’s equipment bag. Battle Sports Science has intelligently designed hybrid football and receiver gloves. For those that play rugby and/or American football as well as play in goal for a football team, the hybrid gloves can be used for all sports. There are also lineman gloves for rugby and football plus ultra-sticky receiver gloves which are great for both goalkeepers and rugby players.

Other great reasons these gloves are useful on the football pitch are because they keep the hands warm and outfield players that take throw-ins will be able to throw further and more accurately – especially on rainy or icy days when the ball is slippery.

Make Sure You Wear Protective Clothing:

To round this up. The moral of the story here is to give you some insight into the advantages of investing in protective equipment when playing contact sports. Protect your teeth, your hands, and your ankles to save expensive dentist bills and to save you from the risk of injuring yourself, which has the potential to put you out of action weeks.

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