Gaming Console Mods – You Are No Longer A Newbie

A gamer always likes to win. He likes to be in the hall of fame, feared and respected by other players. To achieve this cult status a player has to excel in everything- from accurate aim to impeccable timing, from having dexterity of fingers to running fast in game. While it takes time to be a player that skillful, you can use modded gaming controllers to have a competitive edge over other players. Head over to websites like to buy these modified controllers.

You Are Not Breaking Any Rules

Using a modified controller is okay, but using a modified console is not. A modified console means that its firmware has been tinkered with. Because a firmware contains codes written by the manufacturer, altering that code is against copyright law. Moreover, with the help of a modded console a gamer can save the games in DVD and that amounts to piracy.

            However, a modded controller only indicates that its hardware has been modified. Modifying a hardware that one owns is not illegal. With modified controllers, you can be formidable player and the police will not come knocking at your door too!

Games Where Modified Controllers Can Be Useful-

There are many games where modified controllers prove to be useful. Some such games are-

  1. Call Of Duty– If you use a modified a controller in Call of Duty, you can use the single-shot guns to fire quick shots without any interval. This is called Rapid Fire mod. With Rapid Fire Mod comes fast reload mod. This modification significantly reduces the weapon reload time making the player invincible.
  2. GTA 5– Do you have a hard time aiming while driving in Grand Theft Auto? Aimbot mod will help you achieve more kills in GTA 5.
  3. PUBG – In PUBG too you can fire rapidly with a single fire weapon using a modded controller. You can program any key to trigger an event could have needed multiple key-press.
  4. Rainbow 6 Siege – In this game too, you can use rapid fire, auto aim auto run, hot-key assignment with a modded controller.

Go to, to see the full list of supported games.


You love your Xbox, you love your PS3. Why not personalize it? There are skins made of Vinyl Decals that can be used to design your console. You can choose your own artwork and that can easily be put on your XBox or PS3 with decals. The skins not only make your console look attractive, but they also protect it from water or air to some extent.

            Staying on the right side of law doesn’t mean you cant have any adventure. With modded controls you can baffle your opponents and score big. Shops like are doing a fabulous job in creating high quality modded controllers. Let the headshot begin!

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