Value of Brand image

A brand image belongs to consumers, it is their perception of the brand and what it represents. As such, the branding is not limited to a name or a logo. Three of the key things to consider when creating a brand are:

The personality of the Brand

The personality demon name generator of the brand is the tone of the voice, the human face, the anthropomorphic associations that stimulate an emotional response. “Creating an emotional attachment to the brand is an essential brand issue in today’s marketing world. One way to do this is to associate the personality of the brand with that of the consumer. “Samsung, for example, is an innovative, scientific and intelligent approach to creating and manufacturing vacuum cleaners. They take an everyday item rather boring and, thanks to their brand, give it personality and charm, and we, the consumers, love it.

Nike is another example of a vacuum cleaner. They gave their vacuum cleaners a human name and a literal face. This allows people to connect to their brand at a deeper level. The human association makes the brand more memorable and makes again a household tool rather dull, fun.

The difference between branding and brand personality lies in the fact that it is the physical, tangible benefits and associations of the brand, while the personality is much more indicative of an emotional response.

How to Not Name a Brand

Start by creating a list of words related to your global brand identity. From these words, consider the connotations and implications of each. Do these match your purpose? Are there better words, synonyms, antonyms that would work too?

Once you have a long list of words, strikeout those with a negative connotation. Then, scratching unfamiliar words are hard to pronounce.

  • Then think about how these terms will be received abroad.
  • Then take your favorites and create a vast list of name ideas.
  • Consult this list taking into account the objectives of your brand. Be ruthless when you reduce the list. Make sure all the names on this list meet the legal requirements, are unique and you can get all relevant social descriptors and web domains.
  • You will want to take the remaining names and find out what others think. Consumer research will be extremely useful at this stage.
  • You will also want to consider how this brand will be visualized, what kind of marketing can you do to achieve your brand goals, and how does it align with the name.

Repeat this process until you find a name that suits you. It can take weeks or just hours. Do not rush, seek the advice of others, and when you are ready, you can register the name.

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