Fitness and health Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu According to Martial Artists like Bruno Malfacine

Staying healthy and fit is a significant component when you are talking about a successful lifestyle. You cannot reach your maximum potential if you are struggling to catch your breath after walking for one hour. A lot of business owners and their leaders are sometimes the fittest people at their companies. That is not a mere coincidence.

Most scientists are starting to consider that exercising regularly can affect our brain and body’s health directly. If you want to stay fit physically and mentally, you need to engage in different athletic activities. Just moving your body will be a good start. If you are always at home, watching television all day during your day-offs in the winter, you might want to take a stroll or climb on your bicycle.

Experiencing the great outdoors by walking or riding on your bike can do a lot of wonders for your body, spirit, and mind. If walking or biking is not your cup of tea, you could try golf or yoga. Any activity that will get your body moving and your blood circulating better will have a positive effect on our brain. If you are participating in cross-fit, you might enjoy Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

A lot of athletes even ordinary working people that are doing cross-fit incorporates jiu-jitsu into their daily activities, and take their training to a whole other level. Even fighters like Bruno Malfacine, considered as one of the best BJJ fighters to ever compete incorporates different training regimen with his Brazilian jiu-jitsu to become successful.

Do you know that practicing any forms of martial art can change the chemistry of your brain? Our brain is starting to undergo some changes after hitting the age of 35. Learning new skills and techniques can be a big challenge. Your body might not be as adaptable to the new changes that are happening, not like when you are younger.

On the other hand, people who practiced martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu for many years could slow the process of aging. Practicing jiu-jitsu is one good example of how martial art can help people enhance their way of living. Whether you are learning Brazilian or the Japanese version, you can still enjoy some serious fitness and health benefits from doing this kind of activity. Listed below are some ways that jiu-jitsu can help people stay physically and mentally fit.

It serves as an excellent aerobic workout

According to Mayo Clinic, a regular aerobic workout can help people to live longer, and you will be a lot healthier at the same time. Jiu-jitsu, whether Brazilian or Japanese, is an excellent type of aerobic workout. You can get the needed cardio exercise that will keep your heart in great shape.  Your body will feel a lot better as you more oxygen enters your bloodstream.

Improves flexibility

The moves you perform (known as grappling) when performing any forms of jiu-jitsu will require flexibility. When you are new to this kind of martial art, a lot of moves can be very difficult for your body like the rubber guard. Rubber guard is a kind of open guard move that involves using the arm and the shin to control your opponent. Once you practice this move, your body will become a lot more flexible.

You need to perform different stretching exercises to maintain the body’s flexibility that is necessary for jiu-jitsu. When you are not practicing jiu-jitsu, you can do yoga to help your body become more mobile and flexible.

Fight mental problems

In addition to improving the body, jiu-jitsu can also help fight certain kinds of mental problems. People who are experiencing depression can benefit from engaging in martial arts activities like Japanese or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It does not mean you abandon getting medical help in favor of doing martial arts like jiu-jitsu.

But integrating it with your usual exercise routine can enhance or improve mental health. You will be required to survive and think while you are under pressure, and that leads to a better-balanced mental state.

If you have not tried doing jiu-jitsu, maybe it is time to enroll in some classes. If you are currently enjoying activities like surfing, cross-fit, or yoga, you will probably enjoy the mental and physical challenge that this martial art can provide. People can benefit in a lot of ways of practicing jiu-jitsu or any form of martial arts. You will enjoy being healthy mentally, physically, as well as mentally.

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