Does your son play rugby? top tips to support it

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Are you a father and have children who play rugby or another sport? These tips are for you. These parents try to instill in their children the sport they adore is nothing new, in fact there are numerous examples of professional athletes today who thank their parents for the company, dedication and patience. Of course, there are also parents who find joy in understanding their children’s own initiative with a certain sport, “Dad, I want to be rugby!” We are going to talk about some points for all the parents who, want or don’t want their child to be an athlete. Click here for rugby head protection.

Focus on the process, not the result

Acquiring the skills needed to stand out is a slow process in which not every day will be successful. That is why it is better to focus our joys and energies on the process and not on the result. Applaud the training, the victory will come alone. Visit this site for men’s climbing clothing hong kong. 

Having fun comes first

Avoid talking about victory or defeat, in sports and especially in children’s ages the priority should be fun. In childhood it is when the love for sport is gestated, it is a pure feeling that cannot be compromised by the outcome of a match. 

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Allow you to make your own decisions

Of course, you can give him the perfect advice at all times but is it the best for our son? Let him be the one looking for a solution to the problem. Granting enough freedom for our children to make their own decisions is a very valuable teaching that will help them take responsibility for their actions in the future.


Many times, we fall into the trap of not listening to our son just because we already know what he is going to tell us, or because what he is telling us seems wrong or “typical of age.” Feeling heard is essential in our child’s personal and sports development, it will give him confidence in himself and his game. 

Avoid advising during games and training

We all know that as a good father we have the lifetime title of expert in any subject, and that of course we know the perfect play at any time, there are times that we can even predict the future … but that does not entitle us to interrupt the fun of our son during a match or training and even less interfere with the coach’s job. The tips, encrypted moves and mystical predictions are much better in the car!

These are some of the tips we have learned during our lives as athletes, being parents of athletes and of course during Rugby competitions. We hope you find them useful!

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