Beginners’ Guide For League of Legends Mobile

Beginners' Guide For League of Legends Mobile

If you have just started playing MOBA games, then you should learn how to play the league of legends android gameplay especially now that the mobile version is now available for download. The last few years have become a highlight for League of Legends (LoL). The game become so popular worldwide which is why developers decided to make a league of legends mobile version.

If you are interested to know more information about the mobile version, then you have come to the right place. The basics of the game are the most important things that you have to learn before you start playing. Winning is essential, but you can only do that if you know all the things that you have to know about league of legends on phone.

Getting Started with League of Legends

The very first thing that you need to have before playing is an account. Once you have made an account for the mobile league of legends, you have to choose which way would you like to play the game. You can either go the traditional way where you visit the LoL website where you can create an account and also install the game or you if you do not want to install the game you can just play online.


However, there is now a better way to play LoL. All you need to have is the league of legends apk, download and install the game directly on your mobile device. You can download the APK so you will have access to both league of legends android and league of legends ios. Playing the game on the PC and on mobile is the same.

League of Legends On-The-Go

Now that you have your account and the Android league of legends ready, the next thing for you to do is to learn how to play the game. Your first matches will not be easy. You will end up losing, but remember, this is how you learn it. Now that it is now available on your mobile, learning the gameplay is going to be easy.

So what’s next?

Once you have the league of legends mobile download and you are in the game, you have to head over to the “Collection” tab that you can find at the top of your screen. Then you have to go to the “Champions” sub-tab and choose the “Free Champion Rotation” which you can find on the dropdown menu on your left. This menu is updated weekly which can provide you with 14 different champions to play with. They will automatically be available for you on your league of legends for Android and there is no need to unlock them.

Playing League Of Legends

So once you have the league of legends APK download on your device, you might want to start learning how to play the game. You need to fully understand how the game goes from start to finish:

  • Starting the Game. You have to select “Play” and this will give you different options. You will also be given an option to invite a friend that you want to join your game. Once your team is ready, you will be directed to the Champ Select Lobby. This is where you choose your champion, the summoner spells, and also decide what role would you like to play.
  • The Gameplay. The gameplay is pretty basic. All you have to do is strengthen your champion and lead your team to victory by destroying the enemy’s Nexus which can be located at the heart of their base. You have to clear the towers guarding the Nexus in order to win.

LoL mobile might seem a complicated MOBA game at first, but as soon as you get the grip of the game, your champion will win. Once you have your league of legends download, you can try different Champions every time you play so that you know which of them should be added on your favorites list for your LoL android.

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