Simple Gaming Tips On How To Make Fast Money On Farming Simulator 19

farming simulator 19 for pc

Farming Simulator, a multimillion-selling game franchise did something amazing this 2018. They released the new version – Farming Simulator 19! The game had a complete overhaul and every gamer is excited to get their own copy of the new game. The new installment promise better and more attractive visual effects. So if you have been playing the previous versions of the game, get the new farming simulator 19 for pc.

Download Farming Simulator 19

If buying the new Farming Simulator 19 might not be an option for you, but you can always download the game for free!  All you need is to have these requirements for optimum gaming experience:

  • OS of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • The processor should be Intel Core i5 – 2.5 GHz.
  • Memory should be 4 GB Ram for an optimum gaming experience.
  • You should have wither NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 7790 for your graphics card.
  • Hard Drive Space should be at least 6 GB.

Farming Simulator 19 Tips And Tricks

Farming Simulator money is important if you want to get ahead with the game. Now that you know that Farming Simulator has a new version for you to try, here are some tips and tricks that can help you earn more game money, fast and easy.

farming simulator 19 for pc

  • Purchase More Fields. The other fields nearby that are being worked with by AI players can actually be bought. It is recommended for you to purchase these fields but it is important that you do this only after you have started planting and working on your own. By then, you will already have stored money and with your extra field, you would be able to reap the harvest without having to work it.
  • Weeding Is Important. With the new installment, weeding will be very important. It is a must that you do this regularly because it is necessary. If you do this, you will realize that you are earning more money for your account.
  • Lease Some Machines. At the earlier part of your Farming Simulator 19 game, you will not be able to afford to buy amazing machines. What you can do to be able to use them and take advantage of their features, is to lease them. These more complex machines are better because they are more efficient and as a result, you will get a better harvest. Thus, you are earning more money! 
  • Use Free Storage. As you start leveling up, you will not be able to afford to buy storage just yet. This is when you should take advantage of public silos. Here, you can store crops without buying one. These free storage can be found near railway tracks. 
  • Buy Timber Lorry. You can do this later once you have established a good account. They are a bit pricey so you will have to wait until you can start your farming empire.
  • Chop Trees And Bring Back Timber. Anywhere in the map, just like in Felsbrunn, you can chop down the trees and bring timber home every day. By doing so, you can earn money regularly.

Experiencing Farming Simulator 19 is probably your goal this year. All you need to know are the basics of the game, plus some tips and tricks on how to play it wisely. Review the information mentioned above and visit here for more, for a better gaming experience.

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