Finding The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Finding The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Many would think that golf is an intimidating sport for a beginner. But this should not stop you from pursuing this sport that can turn into a hobby. Many are adamant to try this sport mainly because of the challenges that you have to go through when learning the game, as well as the struggles in determining which golf club is the best for a beginner.

Tips When Picking The Best Golf Club 

Most new players will commit the mistake of buying the golf clubs for beginner that does not suit their level of play or even their swing mechanics. This is why when it comes to golf clubs there is always this question: “Which of the golf clubs should I use?” If you do not talk to an expert, that question will only merit a shrug or most of the time, an incorrect suggestion from a friend.

When deciding which clubs should you have in your bag, always consider your personal skill level and your experience with the sport. Use the following factors when making your choice:

golf clubs for beginner

Know The Length.

This would depend on the height of the golfer as well as the shaft of the golf club itself. The shaft is long and a tapered tube that connects the golfers’ hands to the club head. Remember that the longer the shaft, the farther your hands would be from the ball. These days the golf clubs have graphite shafts because they are more flexible and can suit different swings.

As a rule of the thumb, men who are shorter than 5’5” should have ½” shorter than the standard length. For men who are 5’5” to 6’1”, you should have the standard length, while men who are taller than 6’1” should get a golf club with an over length. For women, on the other hand, those who are shorter than 5’3” should get a petite length golf club. For women who are 5’3” to 5’7” tall, get the standard length. You should move into the men’s standard length if you are taller than 5’7”.

Consider The Club’s Loft.

The loft is the angle of your club face and this controls the trajectory that can greatly affect the distance. Those are new with the sport usually pick clubs that have higher face loft because it will produce less side spin which will allow a consistent and straighter ball flight. Traditional golfers prefer lower lofted drivers which would usually require more skill to hit than the higher lofted drivers. Nowadays, the pro golfers use higher lofted drivers because of the combination of less spin and the higher trajectory is taken into consideration because with this, you can maximize the distance.

How About The Golf Club Head?

Your swing speed will determine the ideal heal weight of the golf club. If you have a faster swing speed, choose a club with a heavier head for better control. But if you have slower swing speeds, opt for lighter heads to increase the club heads’ velocity. Take note that a shallow faced club means that it can launch higher and improve your performance. This is perfect for golfers who are just starting out.

Now that you have the basic information needed when choosing a golf club, you will be more confident when you finally make your purchase. It would also help if you do your own research about the essential information that you need in addition to the tips mentioned above to help you make the right choice.

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