Tips And Tricks You Should Know Before Getting Into Master Yi Build

Check out our Master Yi Wild Rift Build, where you will learn everything a beginner needs to know about (Items, Skills, and Combo) so you will be better in your next game using this champion. We recommend checking out how to use her Skill’s so you can do it better when you start playing the game

Master Yi is mainly a jungle champion in LOL PC and Wild Rift.I go over Master Yi build, abilities, combos, runes, and tips and tricks for Master Yi. Master Yi is a great champion for beginners to start playing and to pick up. Even though master Yi is a fairly simple champion, I give many advanced tips and provide advanced tips and tricks to take your master Yi to the next level in this guide. 🙂 Learn to carry with Master Yi and win quickly to rank up.

Abilities –

  • Allows master YI to attack up to 4 targets and immune to any incoming damage
  • Reduced damage taken and also heals master YI theseskills can be interrupted by CC
  • Passive: increasing damage or auto attacks while his skills are off cooldown
  • Active: buffs auto attacks to deal True extra damage for five seconds
  • Passive: decrease the cooldown or skills after getting a kill
  • Active: immune all slows and also gains lots of movement speed and attack speed


  • Blade of the ruined– attack damage, attack speed, vamp and good passive
  • Statikshiv– Faster jungle clear and more critand attack speed.
  • Situational Boot item– plated steelcaps vs AD mercury trade VS AP And CC
  • Situational enchant-QSS VS CC glory for Mshourglass VS Burst

Tips and Tricks –

  • Engage Durning team fights properly and don’t run straight at the enemies
  • Use your teammates to work important skills and Bait out abilities
  • Try to go for more flankers and engage from unexpected angles master YI likes Messy fights
  • Learn Jungle things properlyand only gank when you are confident in getting a kill
  • Try to use master YI skills in a more versatile way, both aggressively and defensively

After knowing and understanding about master YI Build, we come to know about its tip and tricks abilities and itsa character or whether we can play this game or not.

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